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Our portable shower/washing units are made from quality components and are designed for true outdoors people. Surfers, campers, off-roaders, mountain bikers and anyone  working or playing in areas lacking running water or showers. Our product provides 50 PSI and an adjustable nozzle for washing equipment, showering or misting for those hot days. Fill it with hot water and have a hot shower after surfing. More importantly, wash off the kids or the dog after a trip to the beach, lake or river. 

1) Showering after outdoor activities
2) Washing equipment: surfboards, wetsuits, motorcycles, ATVs, scuba gear, boats, cars, camping gear, construction tools, etc.
3) Emergency water storage or fire extinguisher
4) Portable irrigation on large lots where water is not available
5) If you can think of a use for water where water is unavailable; this product will be useful.
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