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About Us
At E.R.O. Water Products we take great care to provide products that are multi-use in order to give our customers products with real value. Our products are truly useful for Emergency, Recreation and Outdoor usage (E.R.O.). There seems to be a big push for “Green” products or “Emergency off-grid” products. We agree there’s a need for these products, but we sincerely doubt and object to the idea that the consumer will buy a product simply because it’s “green” or a good product to have for an emergency. For this reason, we provide products that can be used for practical purposes.

For example, you can buy emergency water tanks for storage of water. Our E.R.O. Waterboxes can store water, but because of the way they’re designed, that can be used for: emergency water storage, showering, camping, cleaning equipment and other uses when pressure is required or preferred. Because our E.R.O. Waterboxes have a 12 volt pump, 50 P.S.I., 2.9 GPM and can be plugged into a cigarette lighter; therefore can be used anywhere. Unlike simple water storage tanks, you’re limited to simply storing water. It’s difficult to shower, clean equipment or make practical use while camping with simple water tanks.

Simply put, our products have multi-use applications. During natural or man-made disasters, you have a product that will help you and your family, while camping, you have the ability to shower and clean equipment, for work areas off-grid, you have access to water pressure. For surfers, off-roaders or mountain bikers, you can clean yourself and equipment before heading home or to work.

We will continue to seek out products that provide water, power and shelter with practical applications. We seek to provide products that make sense and have practical use; that’s what we are about.
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